An e-business project in mind?

Astronef offers consulting and developement services for e-Business projets. Acting as architect, we are at your side to put in place innovative solutions that meet your objectives and respect your project's budget.

Our areas of expertise and skills are : B2B exchanges platform, e-Commerce, CRM, After Sales and Support Services, CMS et digital marketing, e-Learning, ERP and cloud services integrations.

Managing your project lifecycle

  1. Understanding your needs.
    Analysis of business objectives, information flows and working procedures. Analysis of the existing human and technological environment.

  2. Designing Ad-hoc solution.
    Respond to the project's business objectives whilst integrating harmoniously with the tools and procedures in place. Detailed specifications and prototyping.

  3. Coordinate developments.
    Selection of the best players according to the chosen solutions. Coordination of development teams, geographically distant where applicable.

  4. Feedback and follow-up.
    Are the operational and financial targets met? Analyze the results and user experience feedback. Organize the monitoring and assistance.



Why Astronef ?

The company was established almost 20 years ago. At this time the "cyber space" evoked the internet in its early days. The "Astronef", a neo-futuristic space ship in french, was representing the exploration of an emerging technological world. Today spatial metaphors are never far away with the omnipresent cloud!

Accelerated evolution

But dad's cyberspace is now light years behind, technologies greatly evolved and the choice of solutions has become bloated.
Communication and exchanges channels also exploded: web, apps and social networks of all kinds, IoT, etc...

Astronef has closely followed these developments and today like yesterday offers its advisory and implementation services to companies and organizations wishing to boost their online presence and to better exploit the potential of these technologies for the benefit of their particular goals.